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Sensei Dave Cloud

Sensei Cloud

Dave was born in Chicago, Illinois. Throughout his boyhood he had dreamed of becoming a professional football player just like his idol, Jim Brown. In 1964 he was offered a football scholarship to Northeast State Teachers College in Kirksville, Missouri. He accepted the scholarship and was off to live out his dream.

Around this time, the Vietnam War Started and he United States Started drafting young men and women. Unfortunately, Dave focused more of his time on football than on his studies. His grades slowly started to slip which made him eligible for the draft. Not wanting to go to war, he thought by joining the United States Air-Force he would not be sent to Vietnam. To his surprise, he was wrong. Four Months after being enlisted, he was shipped to Okinawa. He later realized that this was a major turning point in his life.

During the time of war things started to get very rough for soldiers. Soldiers turned to drugs and alcohol to alleviate their stress. Stressed and not knowing what to do , Dave looked for help. He soon found Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine who told him that through the art of Mastsubayshi-Ryu he could alleviate his stress in a productive way. A bit skeptical, he thought that he would give in a try. Dave thrived under his instruction and started the training that would later become the beginning of Dave's successful karate career.

Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine showed Dave that he could heal himself through proper meditation techniques and concentration. Dave finally found a way that he could get through the misery of war without hurting but helping his body. He found that if one can train one's body and mind right, then any and all things are possible. With these same techniques. Dave has healed his body and helped many others in taking control of their own body.

Now, 48 years later, Dave has taught over 11,000 students some of the skills that Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine taught him.

Dave has tried to teach karate affiliated with various karate organizations and found that many organizations are in it for the money and even some sadly cannot be trusted. He finally decided, after training with many other masters, that many were teaching the same thing and the same way. Some organizations wanted the Kata's changed so that they could say that was different and that is why their organization is different. Sensei Cloud did not understand the difference, nor did he understand the reasons, and some of the explanations did not make sense. Dave decided that he would continue the journey of passing on to those who are true in heart and want to learn the true essence of Karate Do and how it was taught to him. Sensei Cloud incorporates healing methods, meditation and how the power starts from you feet, in his teaching.

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